Match bicycles

MATCH owns 10 bikes which are available for rental. One bike shall be reserved for short time guests (e.g. for colloquium or seminar speakers), the remaining 9 bikes are for MATCH postdocs in the first place. According to availability bikes can also be lent to other guests, postdocs or colleagues. MATCH reserves the right to cancel the lending of a bicycle at any time on a 14 days’ notice. Usually the period for lending a bike is limited to one year, in case of availability it can be prolongated.

Rules for lending a bike
  • The person who rents a bike is fully responsible for the bike in case of any damage or loss (the value of one bike is 450 Euro). In particular, in case of damage, he/she has to have it repaired on his/her own costs at our contact bicycle shop: Bikeservice Ziegler, Schröderstraße 31, 69120 Heidelberg, phone: 402921. In case of loss the amount of 450 Euros has to be paid to the MATCH coordination office. We therefore strongly recommend to consequently use the cable bike lock during daytime. Between 22:00 and 6:00 o’clock one should never leave any bike – whether locked or unlocked – outside.
  • The person who rents a bike has to pay a deposit of 50 Euros, which will be returned as soon as the intact, complete bike is passed back in good order. A copy of ID or passport is also required.
  • Maintenance: If the renting period is longer than 5 months a maintenance inspection at the above mentioned bicycle shop is due at the bike renter’s expenses (approx. 20 Euros). The receipt has to be shown to the coordination office. In case of a rental period of more than one year a second inspection is required.

Form for lending a MATCH bike [PDF]