MAThematics Center Heidelberg (MATCH)

Jul, 06

6. Emil Artin Lecture
Prof. Dr. Michael Harris (Columbia University, NY) [more] [homepage]

Jul, 19

Birthday Colloquium
Workshop “Uncertainty in the World of Mathematics” on the occasion of Dietrich Werner Müller’s 75th birthday [more] [homepage]

Jul, 20

Jul, 22

Flat Connections in Physics and Geometry
Three-day workshop on recent topics at the intersection of Physics and Geometry. The workshop is intended to serve as an unofficial satellite workshop of String Math 2017, held in Hamburg July 24–29. [more] [homepage]

About us:

The University of Heidelberg considers mathematical and computer based methods as scientific approaches with a high potential for interdisciplinary research. The MAThematics Center Heidelberg currently concentrates on the core areas Topology&Geometry, Arithmetics&Algebra, Applied Analysis&Mathematical Modelling, Numerics&Optimisation, and Statistics&Stochastics. This research has strong links to the interdisciplinary field of Scientific Computing with long-standing cooperation within the Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing (IWR) of the University of Heidelberg.
A special feature of Mathematics at MATCH is the building of research bridges between different areas within Mathematics and Applied Computer Science and into other disciplines. This center concentrates on top level research and also on education and support of young academics. In order to create further synergies, a visitors and conference program is organized. In the long run this is expected to lead to new synergies in mathematical research and in turn to an even stronger impact of mathematical methodology on other research areas such as biosciences, medicine and economics.

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